Sprite Generator - Top-down Tank ver1.1
Sprite Generator - Top-down Tank ver1.1

This easy-to-use extention generates tank sprites. It's based on the code developed for World Domination and it will be featured in further versions of it. Since this is a new extention it dosn't yet support all the features that will be avaible in World Domination.

Curret Functions
tnk_create() creats an new tank and returns the id that will be used in other functions.
tnk_set_color(id,color) sets the color of the tank.
tnk_set_back(id,background) sets a background to be used as a skin(texture or whatever). NOTE: This function will void tnk_set_color() so you only need to call one.
NEW! tnk_set_cut(id,cut) Weather or not to cut out part of the frame...it makes the tank look a bit better/adds a bit variety.
NEW! tnk_set_tread(id,size) sets the size of the tread
tnk_set_banner(id,color,sprite) Set the color and sprite to be used to create a banner for the frount of the tank. Color is the banner color and sprite is a unique symbol. The sprite MUST be 12x12, and have the orgin set to (6,6).
tnk_set_turret(id,width,lenght) sets the length and width of the cannon. Width must be a value of 0-3, and length must be a value of 0-about 10...there know real max but it start to look really weird if you make it too big.
NEW! tnk_set_sweapon(id,weapon) sets the secondary weapon. Use the constances:
- sw_mgun
- sw_gl
- sw_flame
- sw_missiles
- sw_homing
tnk_build(id) When you are finished with the tank settings, call this function before drawling the tank...this function creates the sprites you want so don't forget it.
tnk_tank(id) Use as the sprite of the tank(no counting the treads or the turret).
tnk_turret(id) use as the turret sprite.